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"I have been teaching entrepreneurs to make more money in less time for the past 25 years, and that includes when the economy was good as well as during a few recessions.

My students have went on to create hundreds of millions of dollars off many of the strategies and techniques from my coaching, seminars and best selling books, "Nothing Down, "Multiple Streams of Income" and "Creating wealth".

I am confident that Larry Benet's marketing strategies and Outside the Box thinking can help your business grow your revenues and profits no matter what type of economy you face."

Robert Allen is the New York Times Best Selling author of “The One Minute Millionaire”, "Nothing Down" and "Multiple Streams of Income”.


About our CEO

Larry Benet is known as the Connector. He is the past Chairman of the Tsunami Disaster Relief Project where he brought top business leaders together to raise money for the victims of the Tsunami and proceeds were distributed through Save the Children Habitat for Humanity and the Humane Society.

He is considered a master relationship builder, one of the country's most "Outside the Box" business strategist, a great connector of people, and has been referred to as "America’s Connection Expert". 

Mr. Benet is a frequent speaker at industry conferences around the country. He has earned a reputation as a dynamic and engaging speaker and has shared the platform or interviewed people like Mark Victor Hansen,  author of the best seller "Chicken Soup for the Soul" series, Ken Blanchard of the "One Minute Manager", Ken Kragen creator of "We Are The World",  motivational speaker Les Brown,  marketing geniuses like Jay Abraham, Dan Kennedy and Blublocker founder Joe Sugarman, and Recruiter of the Century Gerry Roche Vice Chairman of Heidrick and Struggles, Harvey Mackay, author of  "Swim with the Sharks Without Being Eaten Alive".

His gift for connecting other people combined with his expertise in strategic alliances and joint ventures, coupled with his ability to think Outside the Box and create innovative ideas, has allowed him to create relationships with people from all walks of life as well as create large increases in revenue for his clients.

Mr. Benet works with Entrepreneurs, Sales Professionals, Small Business Owners, Service Professionals, authors, speakers, and corporate executives to:

  • Shorten sales cycles
  • Open up closed doors
  • Dramatically increase the number of referrals you get
  • Accelerate revenue opportunities
  • Attract bigger deals

Mr. Benet is currently working on his soon to be released book “The Art of Connecting”, sharing the principles he lives by that can help others to connect with anyone, anytime, and create more meaningful connections.  His favorite phrase, HOW CAN I HELP YOU, is a simple concept where by just helping  others with what is important to them,  ensures that you will attract the best that life has to offer to you.

Larry is the founder and Chief Idea Officer of Outside The Box Consulting and Outside The Box Promotions, larrybenet.com , a successful and innovative sales, marketing and promotions consulting firm.

Larry Benet was previously Director of Alliance Programs at Gartner Group, the largest market research technology consulting firm in the world who provides unrivalled thought-leadership and strategic consulting services to more than 11,000 organizations worldwide including IBM, Microsoft, HP and Intel.

Larry Benet has been past President of the Southeastern Software Association, and has also has served on the board of TAG (Technology Association of Georgia).

He frequently volunteers his time to various charities to come up with big ideas on how they can raise money in unique and fun ways.

He currently helps the Larry King Cardiac Foundation , and the Soul of Africa with Nelson Mendela and Richard Branson, serves on the Board of advisors for the Wyland foundation , and helps with the Big Task Weekend on Global Warming.

His goal over his lifetime is to raise 1 billion dollars for worthy causes thru his connections and his ideas.

Mr. Benet is a graduate of Florida State University. When not busy working, Larry enjoys playing tennis, traveling, reading, listening to music,  attending personal development and marketing seminars, and getting to New York to visit his family and see his little niece Samantha Joy.

You can e-mail him at lbenet@larrybenet.com.

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